Transport Solutions

Logistics play an important role in the sourcing of coal from quality control to transportation, material handling and proper stacking. We provide economical Transport Solutions to our esteemed clientele. A comprehensive conveyance network ensures the un-interrupted supply of coal from various collieries across India. while logistics assets are continually upgraded.

We have complete control on the supply chain, from the loading point to the point of delivery.

End to End Logistics

Earth group is dedicated to serving clients' complete logistics needs, from planning to execution. Our integrated group of companies have specialized expertise at every point along the supply chain to cater to the client's customized needs. We add value to our client's supply chain through multi modal movement i.e integration of Rail, Road and Sea transportation from country of origin to point of sale. We offer you a single point of contact, instead of having to deal with dozens, or even hundreds, of different companies.

We take delivery of the cargo at the mines or points of origin and then move it by the most economical and efficient combination of road, rail and barge to the nearest port. At the port we provide stacking, storing (warehousing) and stevedoring operations. The cargo is then shipped to the destination port by a vessels chartered by us. The cargo operations at the destination port including the eventual dispatch to the hinterland by rail or road is planned and executed by us.